Upcoming events

April 5th-6th – Archaeological Museum of Seville

Conference series: Metamorphosis Hadrian. The birth of a new Rome

Coinciding with the closing of the exhibition, a cycle of conferences has been scheduled for April 2018. The objective of these sessions is to offer a panoramic image of the historical figure of Hadrian and his unique labor at the head of the Roman Empire.

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April 7th- 11 AM- Archaeological Museum of Seville

Guided tour with the Exhibition Curators

With Prof. Fernando Lozano (University of Seville)

Free entry. No reservation is necessary.


April 8th– 11 AM- Archaeological Museum of Seville

Historical recreation activity “Hadrian’s Baetica”

Live a different day with the Ancient History Area of ​​the Pablo de Olavide University, the Archaeological Museum of Seville and the Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix.

Visit the exhibition “Adriano Metamorphosis” explained by its curators while different characters of Roman civil life roam the halls of the Museum. Furthermore, in the outside you will enjoy some military samples based on the Imperial Roman legions.


Do not hesitate to join us and discover a little more about Emperor Hadrian’s Baetica.

Visits will start every 45 minutes since 11.30 h, in groups of 25 people, according to the order of arrival. No reservation is necessary.